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Health and Safety Orientation provides visitors, contractors, and external truck driver with necessary safety information about their job and tasks, informs them of specific details about workplace hazards and provides an opportunity to learn about the company.

Every contractor employee must take the contractor orientation before entering the terminal.

Their visit must be notified 24 hours in advance to your DP World contact specifying the following:

  • Reason for access
  • Date of visit
  • Purchase order number
  • Full name of each contractor employee entering the terminal
  • License plate number & Vehicle make and model

Since your safety comes first, the use of personal protective equipment (helmets, vests, boots) is mandatory in the restricted area.

A temporary pass will be issued by DP World security to trained contractors. This pass will be required for every site visit and it's valid for 1 year from the orientation date.

The pass remains the property of DP World Saint John and must be returned/surrendered upon request. The card may only be used in the performance of job-related duties. Unauthorized use may result in the revocation of this card. The card must be visibly displayed above the waist while in designated restricted areas.


Contractors can access to an individual self-guided orientation or schedule a group virtual or onsite version. The group version must be schedule at least 24 hours before. Note. On site orientation capacity limit is 8 people at the same time. 

To support our COVID-19 prevention guidelines, we highly recommend using the individual self-guided orientation or the virtual meeting version to keep social distancing.

Please see below the links for the orientations.

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